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Adele Hello from the Inside created in Logic Pro X

The enormous success of Adele’s 2011 album, 21, left an army of new fans waiting for the next one. As it turns out, Adele was waiting too. “When I started writing, I realized I had nothing to write about. No inspirations, no chords were moving me,” she says. “And that’s the thing: If I don’t care about a song, I’m not going to sing.”
After writing one promising song with producer Ryan Tedder, Adele again felt stuck. So she reached out to Greg Kurstin, as well as other top producers including Paul Epworth, Max Martin, and Danger Mouse. “I thought I was on a roll, but I wasn’t on a roll,” she says. “And then Greg Kurstin came to London, and we wrote ‘Water Under the Bridge’ and ‘Hello.’”
Adele’s creative collaborations were highly successful. And the songs were everything her fans had hoped for. To overwhelmingly positive reviews, the lead single “Hello” and the new album 25 broke every music sales record that matters.
For anyone familiar with Kurstin’s track record, his hand in Adele’s repeat success was no surprise. A multi–Grammy Award nominee, Kurstin is known in the industry as an “artist whisperer” who brings out the best in performers like Sia, Beck, Katy Perry, Foster the People, and many more. He does it by bringing a unique set of producing skills to his sessions — world-class ability as an instrumentalist, deep understanding of music and song structure, and a highly effective writing and producing process that runs through Logic Pro X.

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