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COMBO Free Organ Plugin

Combo Model F is a freeware virtual combo organ, modelled after a well-known Italian combo organ from the 1960s.


4-octave C-to-C keyboard.
Harmonic range 6 polyphonic octaves.
4 footage tabs: 16′, 8′, 4′, 2⅔′.
3 treble voice tabs: Dolce, Principale, Strings.
Multi-Tone Booster voice with All Booster tab.
Knee lever control.
Bass voice (grey keys).
Vibrato unit with adjustable speed and depth.
Volume pedal.
Adjustable tuning per note.
Scala scale file support.
Fully modelled (no samples inside).
Model includes oscillators, dividers, crosstalk, noise, filters, key contacts and key click.
Velocity-sensitive key contact attack and release.
Reverb unit.
Speaker cabinet simulation.*
Fully automatable.
* Impulse responses by Gregor Hennig, Studio Nord and Beamsonic.

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