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Free Arturia MiniFilter V Plugin

If there should be only one…

The MiniFilter V software effect is the latest embodiment of work that started in 2003 when Arturia partnered with Bob Moog to recreate the illustrious synthesizers he designed as software instruments.

The 24dB/oct Ladder filter has always been at the core of the Model D monosynth myth. So we applied the greatest care and used the latest technological advances to reproduced its warm and highly musical tone.


One legendary filter, one FX plug-in

Whether you are a singer, a guitarist, a DJ, a producer…. the MiniFilter V will spice up your music. Emphasize the warmth of your voice, make your lead guitar sound more trenchant, amplify the weight of your drum track.


Not just a filter

But wait, there’s more. To add to the legendary filter we’ve developed new features to make it even more musical and to open up sonic discoveries. The sample & hold and sequencer makes the MiniFilter V a true sound designer’s tool for mixing, sound creation, and experimentation. All this is possible through one easy-to-use software plug-in that works in all DAW’s.

Download MiniFilter V Free Plugin

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