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Free Slate Remote for Logic Pro X

Slate Remote revolutionizes your workflow in ways that you must experience to believe. This app offers access to touch buttons that will execute up to 1,000 key commands, menu selections and mouse clicks, remotely performing miraculous tasks for you.

Some Tasks Include:

– Tighten up entire drum tracks and put them on the grid using one button.
– Instantly create headphone sends and fx returns using one button.
– Apply your favorite chain of plugins to multiple tracks with one button.
– Call up any tracks you want and their associated plugins for quick tweaking using single buttons.
– Convert all your MIDI tracks to audio tracks using one button.
– Create MIDI notes from audio tracks using one button.
– Get your tracks ready for collaboration by automatically consolidating, exporting, and naming them for you, using one button.

Slate Remote is designed to be used in conjunction with Slate Media Technology’s Batch Commander and RAVEN applications and will not function properly without the purchase of the Batch Commander and/or RAVEN applications.

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