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Free virtual analog Synthesizer Lith

screenShot2 - Free virtual analog Synthesizer Lith

Lith is a virtual analog synthesizer.

Wavetable uses what sampled the true analog oscillator.
It contains slight harmony and noise, so it sounds warm.

Variety of sounds that can not be imagined from a small screen.


Redesigned UI again.
Added a light switch, the ‘dark mode’ can be selected.
Enabled to save resizing settings.
Changed notation of note assist, change amount is displayed in case of Mod by Note.
Fixed parameter reset not working on Mac.
Soda Devices recognizes that Lith still has some deficiencies and has published a todo list:

CPU usage improvement.
Receive MIDI data on VST3.
Support for high resolution.
Some non-fatal minor bugs.
Preset order is broken in case of Mac.

Soda Devices plans to introduce a powerful random parameter feature in the next release. It aims at practical functions including modulation, not simple random functions.


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