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Get the Inside Scoop on Ableton Live and Ableton Templates

Ableton 1 - Get the Inside Scoop on Ableton Live and Ableton Templates



Get the Inside Scoop on Ableton Live and Ableton Templates

If you love to compose, record, arrange, mix and master music and wish to make your live musical performances the very best that they can be, you’ll discover that Ableton Live is a valuable tool. This software program allows for superb music sequencing and it also functions as an easy-to-use digital audio workstation.

The program is designed for OS X and Windows operating systems.

The latest iteration of this popular software package is Live, Version 9, which was launched during winter of 2013. Unlike other software-based sequencers, this program works for live performances, as well as for recording sessions.

Ableton Live is intuitive, multi-purpose and beloved by musicians all over the world!

The software program is written in C++ code. The first version was launched back in 2001, as a form of software which was sold for profit. When you buy an Ableton Live license by purchasing this practical software today, you’ll receive a couple of authorizations which allow you to use the software on two pieces of hardware. Most people choose to utilize the program on studio desktops and tour laptops.

To serve the needs of musicians and DJs from all walks of life, the folks at Ableton offer three different packages. They are Intro, Standard and Suite. Intro is a basic program which is more affordable, Standard is the mid-range version and Suite is the deluxe option.

Simply choose what is best for your needs and budget. All packages offer access to brilliant sounds, instruments and effects. However, the number of sounds, instruments and effects that you are able to use will vary based on which package you select.

Access the Best DJ Tools

This software program is also preferred by discerning DJs! When you choose Ableton Live, you’ll access a convenient toolkit of controls which allow for beat matching and cross fading, as well as an array of other special effects. Turntablists depend on such effects in order to dazzle their listeners and build their reputations.

The creators of this program are really pioneers, as Ableton Live “beat matched” tracks long before most other programs had the capacity to do so!

What are Ableton Templates?

To complement its core services and tools, the team at Ableton offer licensed users access to Ableton Templates. Since you likely utilize the same MIDI instruments and sound effects when you’re playing around, experimenting with new music, you’ll be able to make your template in Live, which you may access as soon as you open up the software program.
With a template at your fingertips, you’ll be able to streamline your Live, Version 9 user experience! Everything will be easier and move faster. The setup that you like best will already be in place!

The process of creating your own template will take mere minutes and you may opt out of using the template if you want to! Since Ableton Templates and other Ableton Live tools offer so much flexibility and versatility to users, they are truly invaluable.

Buy Ableton Live Today

Get the support that you need in order to create and perform like never before. Choosing Ableton Live today will help you to achieve your potential as a musician or DJ.

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