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How make a fast import the content from project to project in Logic Pro X

1. In the current Logic Pro X project you need to click the All Files tab in the Browser menu

2. Find the Logic Pro X project in your file system which need to be imported

3. Click on your Logic Pro X project then click Import button at the bottom-right corner of the tab

(or simply double-click on the Logic Pro X project)

4. Now you can see the structure of importing Logic Pro X project

5. Here you can choose what you need to import. Select the data what you need to import by clicking on the menus Global, Instr, I/O etc…

6. Then you need to choose which content is needs to be imported. You can import any plug-ins and their settings, inserted in a channel strip.

The list of inserted plugins you can see in the track description. Also you can import all the sends, automation and the busses.

7. Then you will need to click the Add button to add the selected data to the current project

8. NOTE: the tracks will be added below the selected track in the Tracks area.

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