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How To Make Fat Acid Sound in Logic Pro X


In this tutorial we will show how to process a standard Acid sound and to make it sound fat and punchy. For the example we will use Alchemy synth from Logic Pro X


1. The 1st plugin for our channel strip is Distortion II which is a great way to make your sounds real fat. Choose type “Class AB, soft” and adjust the fatness by Gain control.

2. Then we will make this sound a little bit “crunchy” with Bitcrusher. Choose Resolution 10 bit and add some harmonics by adjusting Drive parameter.

3. Some tweaks by EQ: removing resonances, adding high frequencies a little bit.

4. And improving dynamics by compressor. Choose Vintage VCA type, adjust threshold, attack and ratio.
All the sounds from this tutorial you can find in our template “Ready? Go!

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