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How to Run 32-Bit Plug-Ins in Logic Pro X

Thanks to Rounik Sethi from AskAudioMag.com for this Tutorial.

So, you have Logic pro X? You love the new features and would rather use it than Logic 9? But, you’ve still got some 32-bit synths, like Sylenth, which can’t run in Apple’s 64-bit flagship DAW?

Understandably, you might feel disappointed… sure the writing has been on the wall since Logic 9.1 (the 64-bit version) was released some years ago, but it doesn’t make it feel any better that some developers have yet to make their plug-ins 64-bit ready.

So, if you depend on instruments like Sylenth for your musical chops stop your sobbing in the corner of your studio! There are multiple workarounds which involve hosting your 32-bit plug-in outside of Logic and routing it into Logic.

Now some of these solutions will hit your wallet: VEPro (heavy) and Plogue Bidule (more reasonable) being two examples. However, I’d like to share one method which is FREE and relatively easy to set up using Apple’s somewhat hidden AU Lab host.

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