Logic Pro Reverb Essentials

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Logic Reverb Essentials is the absolutely fresh and inspirational pack featuring 25 presets for the built-in reverbs in Logic Pro and 5 bonus BUS experimental channel strips. The presets from this pack are bringing the life into Platinum and Silver reverbs from Logic Pro and could be used in the different styles of music and in cinematic production too. We have created a different types of spaces from the bathroom to living rooms, from the concert hall to huge outdoor spaces which you will not find in the factory banks. We are really proud to be the 1st on the market with such content and we are hoping that you will like it.

Produced by Insight


– 12 presets for PlatinumVerb
– 13 presets for SilverVerb
– 5 bonus bus channel strips
– Logic 9 / X compatible
– Logic 9 / X projects included

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