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The First Major Update for Bitwig Studio 1.1

The First Major Update for Bitwig Studio
We do not make the music. We are not the ones who will create the next hit, bring the crowd to the front of the stage, onto the dancefloor, or produce the best song for the open road and journey ahead. We will not be signing any autographs, or inventing new genres for the next generation of listeners.

We do make serious software and develop the tools for creating next level shit. Everything else, we leave up to you.

Bitwig Studio 1.1, the first major update from Bitwig is available now.
Experience unrivalled controller integration, latency compensation for plug-ins and hardware that works. Design elaborate sidechains and presets with multi-in/out VST technology. Route anything from anywhere to any point in your project using the new suite of routing devices. Take control of the fastest workflow available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
Download your .1UP, meet us on the next level, and be on your way.

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Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1

Released on 18.11.2014.

NEW Generalize the cursor concept used in the controller API to generic selections.
NEW Tracks, Chains and Devices can now be deactivated to save CPU.
NEW Allow modulation of discrete (bool, enum, int) parameters.
NEW Allow renaming controllers in the preferences dialog.
NEW Route track note output to multi-timbral VST instruments (with channel selector).
NEW Improved sound-quality and timing of audio playback.
NEW Route track note output to another track.
NEW Audio Receiver Device.
NEW Allow to define custom controller settings via the scripting API that are stored in the Bitwig Studio preferences file or project documents.
The user interface controls for the script preferences are shown
in the Bitwig Studio controller preferences dialog, and the controls for the document settings are shown in the Studio IO panel.

NEW Added grain size parameter to audio events.
NEW Output effect chains for VST plug-ins.
NEW Support for VST side-chaining.
NEW Multiband FX-3 device.
NEW Note MOD Device.
NEW Track Crossfader.
NEW Automatic visual feedback from controllers that shows changes as popup notifications.
NEW Tap-tempo (CTRL-click play to use it).
NEW Note Receiver Device.
NEW De-Esser Device.
NEW Support for multi-out VST plug-ins.
NEW Added new transient preservation mode.
NEW Control surface script for NI Komplete Kontrol.
NEW Control surface script for ReLoop.
NEW Control surface script for McMillen Quneo.
NEW Make all channels have a color property and accessible in inspector.
NEW Added Note FX slot to sampler.
NEW Recording Offset (for correcting the roundtrip latency if its incorrectly reported by the audio driver).

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