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Transient Free envelope shaper plug-in

Multi Transient is a powerful tool for tone shaping, control the amount of attack and sustain for every band, including the master output.

Perfect Drums
Multi Transient is the perfect tool to control and shape your drum sound, before reaching for a high shelf try boosting the attack on the highs, and boosting the sustain in the low mids, and if that isn’t enough each band has a 2x button that doubles the intensity of the effect.

Using Multi Transient on all your drums you can make sure you get them to behave exactly how you want, and sound as powerful as you need them to be, and if you need even more of a boost you can adjust the final output with another envelope shaper.
Recover Drums
Do you have an old recording of drums, or not enough mics for a full drumkit?

Multi Transient can be used to make sure every drum piece can be heard clearly and easily.
Control Rooms
Use Multi Transient’s multi-band sustain knobs to control the exact amount of room sound or reverb on any recorded track.

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