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What’s new in Logic Pro X 10.3

What’s new in Logic Pro X.

Powerful features like Track Alternatives and Selection-Based Processing make Logic Pro X 
an even more robust tool in the recording studio and for audio production.Support for the 
Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro speeds up your workflow.And a modern design makes it easier 
to work no matter where you like to create music.

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Bring new creativity to your workflow with the Touch Bar.

Use the revolutionary Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro to fine-tune sounds,
quickly navigate your project, and even perform on instruments in Logic Pro X.
The Touch Bar gives you convenient access to the volume slider and all 
Smart Controls for the selected track. Navigation view lets you quickly
move around your project by dragging across a visual overview of the arrangement. 
Performance view lets you use the Touch Bar to play your software instruments 
with a one-octave keyboard or tap out a beat with drum pads.

Multiple arrangements. In a single track.

Using Track Alternatives, you can create alternate versions of a track, 
or multiple grouped tracks, and switch between them at any time to audition
the different options.The ability to create, store, and select from different 
edits and arrangements of regions in a track makes it easier to experiment 
with various creative ideas or backup versions of a track as it evolves. 
Using Take Folders along with Track  Alternatives lets you manage your ideas 
with incomparable flexibility and power.

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Render your effects with Selection-Based Processing.

Now you can directly and permanently apply effect plug-ins to any audio selection. 
Use built-in Logic Pro X plug-ins  or any third-party Audio Unit effects 
to render effects in any portion of an audio file,or to multiple files at once.
You can apply up to 15 plug-in effects simultaneously, as well as A/B test 
two independent effect chains before applying. Selection-Based Processing is 
incredibly useful for creating short effects sections in a track, 
correcting flaws in a recording, or sonically treating sampler files.

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Add tracks on the go from your iPhone or iPad.

When you’re away from your Mac, you can now easily add tracks to Logic Pro projects 
using GarageBand for iOS on your iPhone or iPad. Simply upload your 
Logic Pro project to iCloud.Then you can open your song anywhere with GarageBand 
to add new instruments or recordings. Once you save the song,the new tracks 
will automatically appear in Logic Prothe next time you open the project on your Mac.

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True stereo panning for more professional control.

To provide more mixing power for professionals, Logic Pro X offers a new panning option 
that provides discrete left and right panning controls for the left and right channels.
This allows for more precise creative and corrective control of the stereo image.
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