We can offer you exclusive online courses of electronic music production in Logic Pro. Starting from scratch you will get all what you need to know to produce electronic music. A free Logic Pro templates are included.

The example of the course (any genre):

01. Intro (the structure of the track (in chosen genre), popular instruments and effects in music production, analyzing and deconstructing of commercial tracks).

02. Creating sidechain input. Working with sends and buses in Logic Pro.

03. Drum programming using Logic Pro instruments and effects. Basic drum processing.

04. Creating basslines using Logic Pro instruments. Basic synthesis in ES-synths from Logic Pro. Basslines processing with built-in effects.

05. Advanced basslines. Basslines layering & automation. Using Logic Pro effects on the basslines.

06. Creating intro arps/riffs. Basic synthesis in Logic Pro.

07. Building sections, adding FX and automation.

08. Breakdown buildings. Creating pads/pads synthesis in Logic Pro. Adding FXs and working with the main melody.

09. Main part structure, adding automation and FX.

10. Outro. Final Mixing and Basic mastering.

The price - 1 lesson (1 hour) = 40 euro.

Contact with us and we will make an individual program for you.

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