(1) Provider shall grant customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and unlimited in time right of use (license) with respect to the purchased digital content, as long as customer has paid the entire purchase price. Customer is not allowed to sublicense the products. Additionally, the provisions in the (License Agreement) apply.

(2) Provider remains the content’s sole copyright owner. The customer is not allowed to remove or modify the copyright notice, serial numbers or any other identification signs on the products. Making the templates available to the public is prohibited. In Particular, customer is not allowed to upload the templates to his own website or other websites for downloading purposes, to copy the templates to carriers, thus making them available to third parties without provider’s explicit written consent and with the exception of private use.

(3) The license shall expire in case a statutory or contractual right to withdrawal is exercised, which leads to reversal of contract. In this case, customer shall undertake to delete all saved data, unless mandatory legal provisions prohibit him from doing so. Customer shall further undertake to delete any copies of the contents in carriers without delay or give them back to provider.

(4) Big Sound Samples may be obtained royalty free and used without limitation. If the Samples contain a linear succession of musical tones however (melody), they may only be used as long as the author’s name (“Copyright: ”) is indicated. Melodies may not be transferred to third parties



1. If you’re going to use our templates with original melodies, you can:
  •  use our templates as the basement for practice and mixing
  •  use samples, presets from our templates for your future commercial productions.
  •  play tracks from templates at home/for friends/at clubs.


2. If you’re going to use our templates with modified main melodies*, you can:
  • use templates as the starting point for your own commercial productions and release them on a record labels.
  • use as the music tracks for advertisement on radio and TV.
  • use as the music tracks in trailers, games, apps, movies etc.


* You can keep all the samples, drum patterns, template structure, effects, presets, processing, etc.


3. You can’t use our templates for:

  • sharing and re-selling the projects (or the parts of the projects).
  • use the projects (or the parts of the projects) for creating commercial templates/sample packs.


4. You can’t use all vocal parts from our templates in your own productions.


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