Cool, thanks alot :) really great job guys :) love ur work !  

Oliver R.

Wow Amazing Ableton Templates !


I am music producer over 20 years work for television. I found your page and I was skeptical how I can use these templates for my studio work ? After I have downloaded free template and test that Wow many thanks I can no longer work without your templates Makes much more products !!! Best regards, Peter W.


It gives me a lot of inspiration! amazing sound & production. Thanks for your awesome templates!

Max K.

Hey, your Ableton Templates are really good.

Chris H.

Perfect Service.First I bought 2 Logic X Templates. Everything was working. After this I was interested about a original perfect producer Track.Therefore I wrote a Mail about the conditions.Now I have already 2 Original Tracks and 3 Remixes. Every track is perfect produced and beautiful.Quick and easy.Thank you Logic Templates!

Rico Bernasconi

My Favorite Templates for my Personal Sound.

Chris Parker

One of the best resources for any music producer looking to take their career to the next level. Their templates are always clean well organized and most importantly help you finish your songs. Most of all I like how many difirent style templates they offer. I would recommend this site to any music producer looking to advance their music careers.

Calvin Harris

Amazing Sound dude!

Samuel L.

I had very often make bad experience with others Pages Thank you did you Actually sell the what is so in description and for your quick support.

Julia Bowen

Still love your products and so happy to have found you! Julia

Anne W.

Big Thanks for templates in Logic Pro!


Hammer tolle Sachen macht ihr. GROSSES LOB !!!


Hi fellow germans! Just wanted to give you all a feedback: extremely good grooves from your collection. Great work! Gruss, Harald

Randy Leveque

I got your 100 Guitar Riffs Green Apple loops For Logic Pro X, I will be getting the Pianos This a great Product .. I hope you do more Apple Green Loops.

Justice In Poetry

People ask me where we record. How we get our sound so crisp! How we already sound like industry standard. We record right at home, in our own studio. Thanks to Logic Pro X Templates and MacBook Pro.This is how we sound like a professional band! 5 years of learning and perfecting. We can only get better. Just wait till you hear what we have lined up next! Watch out Dave Matthews Band, we are coming for you!

FranKie Mancuso

I really appreciate your job. I work with several studios and you are one of my favorite! Let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank you! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Terry Furlong

Downloaded your pro template progressive pop love it its great thank you now I can get my production to a top level.


Thank you logic-templates.com Through your templates I learned a lot! and get a label contract always waiting on new templates. Much Success !!!


Hey, I was wondering how you guys make the melodies so amazing.I buy your templates all the time and the melodies are beautiful!I was wondering if you had any tutorials or something.I love your work! Keep it up!!!

A-de Chen

Thank you for your Template samples, I am a new one in Logic Pro X. The dedicated and high-quality of sounds you provide are quite impressive for me, coming form Asia.

Nick Weeren‎

I came to this page via soundcloud, nice page keep up the good work!

Antonio K.

I bought Deep House Template thank you great job!


i bought EDM template and its really really cool Its worth every euro. u can learn everything from it Sidechaining, Layering (Stacking), EQing and the best: It sounds THE SAME as in the video. every detail really great. better than reading books

Максим Кудимов

Logic Pro X Templates you best!!!


I have purchased an EDM template and it is amazing. I have learned more with this template than anything else on the internet.I just wanted to know if you had any tips on how to make the drops.

Dj Anciano

Hi, Just downloaded the template. Great stuff ;-) I'am a Ableton producer and bought Bitwig studio for to see what kind of product it is and with your template its quicker to see the ins and outs of the program. Thanks, Regards, Edwin

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