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Bitwig Studio – Ni Maschine ( MK2 ) Controller script

Ni Maschine ( MK2 ) Controller Script for Bitwig Studio:


– place the “NativeInstruments” folder in “/Users/MaXchine/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts”

– Load the Maschine’s Template via “ControllerEditor

– Go to BWS’s preferences/Controllers page and press “Detect available controllers”

Script ver 1.1

– added NoteInput: you can now play instruments via Maschine’s pads .. only in range from C3 to D#4
– added Macro Controls for the selected device and colour indicators.
– added bi-directional communication via observers for buttons, volume and pan controls. now buttons on Maschine will light up to indicate controls state. volume and pan control will pickup from the current value .. no jumps like in ver 1.0

Script ver 1.0

Transport Controls:
Play, Stop/Return to start, Record, LoopPlayback, PunchIn, PunchOut, Click

Application Views:
Switch Launcher/Arranger, ToggleBrowser, ToggleMixerView, ToggleDeviceView, ToggleNoteEditorView, ToggleAutomationView

Track Controls:
for the selected track: GoTo (Previous : Next) track, TrackVolume, TrackPan, TrackMute, TrackSolo, TrackArm

Device Control:
GoTo (Previous : Next) device, GoTo (Previous : Next) ParameterPage, Load (Previous : Next) preset
8 device controls via Maschine’s knobs …. Indicate controlled device parameters via coloured dots.

Undo, Redo, ToggleTrackHeight in arrangerView, ScreenFollowPlayBack

Planned for next update:
– add observers for device parameters and macro controls
– add octave transposition function to enable playing instruments over full keyboard range


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