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MIDI Manufacturer’s Association to host HD Protocol Discussion at NAMM

The MIDI Manufacturer’s Association (MMA) will host an open discussion about the trademark, licensing, and product certification options for the MMA’s proposed new voluntary industry standard, code-named “HD Protocol” on Sunday, January 25. The session is part of the MMA’s Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting during the NAMM show in Anaheim CA.

For over 30 thirty years, MIDI technology has helped drive sales and growth in the musical instrument, computer, and multimedia industries. Today there are literally billions of MIDI capable devices, including smart phones, computers, tablets, and digital musical instruments of all types, creating a market of 10’s of millions of active MIDI users.
For the last several years, the MMA has been working on a new protocol designed to co-exist with MIDI while offering some profound implications for future products. Developed by consensus of the MIDI experts in the MMA, some highlights of the proposed new protocol’s many features and benefits include:
Backward compatibility with MIDI 1.0 to ensure wide-spread adoption.
Plug and Play network connectivity over USB and Ethernet for easy integration.
Thousands of Channels for handling large complex systems.
A massive number of high resolution Controllers and Parameters for channels, groups and even individual notes, for unrivaled precision and adaptability to new controller technologies.
Precise Pitch Control and Articulation messages for expanded expressiveness.
Time Stamped messaging for accurate timing and tight real-time performance.
Plenty of room for future expansion to eliminate obsolescence.

Development of the HD Protocol Specification has reached a milestone that warrants industry-wide consideration of business and market promotion issues that will ensure product interoperability while encouraging consumer choice. Music technology hardware and software developers attending the session will learn about the proposed HD Protocol feature set, and participate in deciding the environment needed to successfully develop and launch new products that will complement and expand the market for current MIDI products, while increasing consumer choice.

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