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Nimble Tools Misstortion v2.0.10 Free Plugin

Misstortion 2 is a free distortion plugin for VST-based hosts. Does its best to be like Logic’s Clip Distortion and adds a bunch of other great features, which makes it very useful for the Hardstyle genre.

  • Symmetry: Make your waveform asymmetrical for more finetuned distortion.
  • Hard clip: Simple hard clip distortion.
  • Soft clip: Hyperbolic soft clip distortion.
  • Resonance: Increase the resonance to get a great tonal sound.
  • Bitcrush: Add some bitcrushing to your waveforms.
  • DC Filter: Filter out that nasty DC offset quickly and efficiently.

It’s free! It runs on Windows and Mac DAW’s that support 64 bit VST3’s. There’s also a Nimble Tools Discord for more info and support.

Check out Nimble Kick as well, a hardstyle kick pitching plugin.

If you love Misstortion, why not send a donation via Itch.io? When downloading the plugin below you can select a tip. <3 Donations will further drive development of Misstortion as well as other plugins that I’m working on! (More news on those very soon!)

Huge thanks to Code Black, Headhunterz, Frontliner, and many other top Hardstyle DJ’s for their very helpful feedback! And a special thank you to Kimmykix aka Jacknife for the initial idea for me to make this plugin.

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