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What are Mastering Templates and how does this work?

Pro Mastering Template is a properly adjusted Template for complete mastering of your Audio Production using top-notch audio plugins in the music industry from developers such as: Waves, FabFilter, Izotope. Please read full description on the product page.

Please note that you will need a 3-rd party plugins for using our Pro Mastering Templates


DAW Mastering Template is a properly adjusted Template for mastering your Audio Production. Daw Mastering Templates are produced exclusively using original Plugins from the DAW.

How our DAW Mastering Templates are working :

1. Prepare your own audio track with -6 db level (to avoid clipping) by disconnecting all processing on a master output (EQ, compressor, limiter, maximizer and other).

2. Bounce the audio from master output in your DAW.

3. Open our mastering template and insert your bounced audio file (-6 db) into our project.

4. Check your audio with working master channel for hard clipping and adjust the threshold (gain) on the limiter on your taste.
Have fun !




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