What are DAW templates and how does this work?

  • So, you heard some great music walking down the street or dancing in the club and you want to learn how to produce the same music.
  • You went online researching music creation and found us and our templates.
  • You’re thinking… What are DAW templates and how does this work?
  • DAW Templates are produced exclusively using original instruments from DAW, and royalty free samples from Big Sound. You do not need additional plugins in order to use the template, only additional content from your DAW.
  • Go ahead, buy some templates for Logic Pro on our site, open the template and think about what you can make.
  • You must delete all melodies elements before you start to make your own track based in our templates. All samples, channel strips, synth sounds, project structures in our products are royalty-free and all this stuff you can use in your own productions.
  • If you have any questions please read our FAQ section on our site or email us and we will answer you very fast.
  • Using our templates you will learn how to produce music and could be very successful in music industry.

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